Tranzitioning Summary, Part 1

We’ve just finished reviewing the changes occurring in employment today, and the prognosis is clear — fewer full-time jobs with benefits, and more self-employment-like opportunities where people work for themselves.  Coincidentally, Intuit (the people behind Quicken) have published a well-researched and footnoted report that aligns nicely with what we’ve covered here (click to read Intuit’s Future of Small Business Report).

But employment is only part of the story.  The changes occurring in employment are simply a subset of the massive restructuring that’s occurring in the economy at large.  Driven by the credit collapse of 2008, we continue to see deflation as the prevailing driver of change, as the excesses that have built up over the last several decades are reset to the new reality.

In addition to jobs and the economy, the Great Recession is also changing people, and how they relate to established institutions and social norms.  Just like the prohibition against alcohol was repealed during the Great Depression, this time we’re seeing the war against Marijuana being reversed as well.  Other examples include the world-wide assault against the Catholic Church for crimes that had been ignored for decades.  We can expect more of the same.

Below is a graph that I created about 10 years ago.  It shows what the tranzition from the Industrial society to an Information society might look like.  While it’s clear that the old, industrial way of doing things is in decline, and it’s clear that the new, information driven way of doing things is growing, it’s not clear if the latter has surpassed the former.  In other words, we might not be exactly at the cross-over point yet, but we’re probably very close.

3rd Wave - Information Age

Tranzitioning, Part 2

With that as a summary, this blog will now change directions slightly to cover these changes from a more personal perspective.  As a result, more of my postings will be published from the first person perspective, and the comments are likely to be more controversial.  As always, your comments are welcome and encouraged.

Also as a test, I am reintroducing a product that I initially launched in 1994.  Given everything we have covered so far, this product should be more successful this time around.  It’s called Mindwaves Goggles, and it’s being made available in three versions:

  1. A “Do It Yourself” home version (practically free)
  2. A traditionally-produced, commercial version ($24.95)
  3. Custom designed, desktop manufactured versions (varies)

In closing, thanks for reading, and stay tuned — this blog should become much more interesting as we go.  Next time, I’ll be talking more about panics, and their relationship to awakenings. is a blog by Jay Fenello, principal and founder of,
an Atlanta-based  firm that helps people tranzition to the new economy.

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