The Neocon War within the Establishment

We’ve got to go to war with Iraq.
We’ve got to go to war with Libya.
We’ve got to go to war with Iran.
We’ve got to go to war with Syria.
Now, we’ve got to go to war with Russia.

These wars are not great for America, they are great for the people pulling the strings behind our government and the main stream media. These people are often called the establishment, the deep state, and/or the shadow government.

This is not a Democrat vs. Republican thing! Both parties have been captured, as evidenced by their media mouthpieces senators McCain and Graham.

In the big scheme of things, corruption is rampant in America today. But as bad as domestic corruption has become, it represents just a fraction of the money that can be made by pursuing foreign wars for profit. And that’s been the strategy of the neocon faction of the establishment since they took over decades ago.

But today, the establishment is at war with itself. Trump and his team of anti-neocon establishment players (including generals who got fired for opposing the neocon agenda), are challenging the old order. And that explains what’s happening today …


The media is still controlled by the neocon faction, so he’d rather bypass their obsessive attempts to distract and confuse, and speak directly to the people. It’s the same reason Trump is changing the way the white house will have press conferences, and on-site reporters.


The 20+ security agencies that have proliferated since 9/11 are infested with neocons. Trump doesn’t want nor need their biased assessments designed to get us into yet another war for profit. He’d rather wait for his own appointees to give him an America first assessment.


Just like the security agencies, the state department is also infested with neocons. That’s why Trump has taken the unprecedented step of firing all ambassadors as of the date of his inauguration.


The establishment media is losing control. They used to put out all kinds of spin to influence the dialog, but it’s no longer working. When they tried to go after bloggers for spitting out “fake news”, it backfired when people rightly showed many examples of fake news originating from main stream media sources.

When they tried to deflect the way Clinton’s team conspired against Bernie Sanders by focusing on Russian hacking, it didn’t work. When an establishment reporter asked his readers who they believed, the results were overwhelming: Wikileaks beat the U.S. intel officials 83% to 17%.


The media drumbeat for war against Russia is just a continuation of the neocon agenda to divide and conquer, leading us towards perpetual wars for profit. Meanwhile, the real war is occurring behind the scenes, as the establishment fights among itself to remove the neocons from control.

Let’s all hope the forces for peace and rationality prevail.

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