Finding Your Purpose in the Great Recession

In my last post, I proposed a road map of higher consciousness based on five progressive dimensions. My goal was to describe the entire spectrum in a simple yet comprehensive way, so that people could more easily navigate to the higher states.  While the first three states are known to all (sleep, dream, and awake), the fourth and fifth dimensions are not.

Today, we’re going to discuss the fourth dimension.

Just like being asleep is unlike dreaming, the fourth dimension is unlike being awake.  Some people call this state “The Witness.”  It describes the detached observation of ourselves in action.

The first time people attain this state, it changes them on a fundamental level.  Not only will they experience first hand how their mind works on an unconscious level, they will also learn how The Witness can help them enter and benefit from all of the other brain states that are available to them.

When people first start entering this state, they are often surprised to learn that their actions are not always consistent with who they really are.  They may find that their actions are driven by old memories, emotions, or physical sensations (see this recent Time magazine article on this topic).

By entering this state on a regular basis, we are better able to understand ourselves and others, and it gives us a better way to change our behavior and actions.  The result is an organic change that comes about without conscious effort.  While the changes may be automatic, the consequences of the changes can take time to integrate.

“Know Thyself”
— Socrates

While it’s not hard to attain this state, it’s not automatic either.  Most techniques are based on repetitive activities designed to distract the mind, or focused activities designed to quiet the mind.  Some examples include:

  • meditation
  • dancing/spinning/rocking
  • prayer (chanting, contemplative)
  • light & sound machines/floating/ganzfelds
  • gazing into mirrors, candles, obsidian

Some people have asked why I proposed five dimensions, instead of 6, 7, or 36?  The fourth dimension was chosen because 1) it’s a higher order state of consciousness, one which encompasses all other brain states and 2) it’s consistent with the teachings of the religious/wisdom/mystery traditions.

Upon entering the fourth dimension, people suddenly realize that they are not their mind.  Getting in touch with their true intentions, enables them to uncover their true purpose along the way.  By gaining control over their mind, they are also preparing for the greatest benefit of all — access to the fifth dimension of consciousness.  Next time, we’ll talk more about this as we discuss Nirvana.

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