Building Your Network = Jobs in the Great Recession

So far, we’ve covered what’s going in our economy, and what’s going with jobs.  In 2005, 3 out of 4 employees had a traditional job with benefits.  Since that time, many of these jobs have gone away, and are not likely to come back.  In today’s post, we’re going to begin a series of posts outlining all of the options available to people who have lost their traditional jobs, and/or wish to tranzition to the new economy.

Traditional Employment

As bleak as traditional employment may seem, it is still the source for a majority of the jobs today, and is likely to remain so in the near future.  However, the trends are clear.  Traditional jobs are in decline, and being replaced by new types of worker relationships.

If you have a traditional job, be greatful.  You have stable employment and benefits at a time when many do not.

If you have a traditional job, also be prepared.  In today’s environment, you never know when your department, division, or company is about to have lay-offs, or to shut down entirely.  In addition, you may find that the job you have becomes less attractive, as those around you get laid off, and your work load increases.  You may also find your salary under pressure, and your benefits reduced.

All in all, it’s in your best interest to start preparing yourself for the day that your current job disappears, and/or the day that you choose to go out on your own.

Build Your Networks

One of the first steps for anyone who wants a job of tomorrow, whether you currently have a job or not, is to start building your networks.  Personally, I’ve adopted LinkedIn for my business network, and Facebook for my personal network.  Here’s why I suggest this:

  • It’s free. It doesn’t cost you anything but a little time to learn the platforms, and to connect to your friends and business associates.
  • It takes time. To build your networks, you will need to invite people to connect with you, and they in turn must approve the connection.  This does not happen overnight.  The sooner you get started building your network, the bigger it will be when you need it.
  • There’s a lot to learn. These platforms have many features, and offer different ways of interacting with the networks you’ve built.  In addition, these platforms are adding features rapidly.  Together, learning how to use these platforms is a constant work in progress, one that’s never done.  The sooner you get started, the more tools you’ll have in your toolbox when you need it.
  • It will lead to Jobs!!!

In our next post, we’ll begin exploring the new career paths of the Great Recession, by starting with the jobs that are available now.  Until next time. is a blog by Jay Fenello, principal and founder of, an Atlanta-based
Business Brokerage and Placement firm that helps people buy and sell small businesses and franchises.

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