Beyond Faith and Reason in the Great Recession

Today, I’ll be covering the fifth dimension of consciousness, the highest dimension on my five dimension scale.  While other maps of consciousness exist, what I find interesting is that they all share a common description of their highest state.  Whether you call it the fifth dimension of consciousness, Nirvana, connecting with Source, or being one with the Holy Spirit, the experience of It is the same.

All of the major world religions align on this point, especially within their mystical traditions.  While it’s more openly embraced within the eastern traditions, it also exists within Judaism (the Kabbalah), within Islam (Sufism), and within the Christian traditions (contemplative prayer).

While the experience of the state is the same, the way each of these religions introduce people to this state varies quite dramatically.  In the Jewish tradition, it is revealed as part of a detailed and structured study.  Within Sufism, students must have a dedicated teacher, and adhere to a strict moral standard.  Within Christianity, it is not widely known among the followers, even though it has always been a part of the historical tradition.

Unfortunately, there are no simple techniques you can follow that will guarantee you a fifth dimension experience.  There are, however, some that appear to help.  One common technique is to quiet your mind to the point of silence – a very difficult thing to do.  Those that are successful, however, are only prepared for the ego loss/union, not guaranteed access to it.

Some have questioned the value of this discussion, and the wisdom of describing a hierarchy of consciousness.  They have expressed concern that people would simply attempt to achieve the highest dimension, without the preparation required in other traditions.  Or that people would miss out on their journey, by focusing on a destination.

My goal in this discussion was to describe the landscape of consciousness in as simple a way as possible, so that people at least know that these states exists, and get some idea of the options they have for their own life journey — especially given the realities of the Great Recession.

With more panics and awakenings likely ahead, what today is a frenzy over whether we can build a mosque near ground zero, tomorrow could devolve into civil unrest, international conflict, or even a world war.

Higher states of consciousness can help. Through the fourth dimension, people can learn how their minds work, and accelerate the awakening process.  Through the fifth, people can come to know Yahweh/Allah/God as one and the same, and avoid those who incite wars and extremism. Through the experience of the fifth dimension of consciousness, the distortions of faith and reason no longer drive behavior.  Instead, they are replaced with a knowing that comes through direct experience.

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